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Bestel Sonubaits pellets goedkoop bij

Bestel Sonubaits pellets goedkoop bij S-Pellets, Groundbaits, Fin Perfect, Stiki Pellets & Paste Pellets, Feed Pellets & Soft Hooker Pellets, Band'ums & Boilies, One to One paste, Fibre Paste & Flavour Shakers, Liquid Flavours, Tins & Surface Baits, Barbel and Carp, Halibit pellets & pellet O'S - Sonubaits

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Sonubaits Pellet O'S Being pre drilled there is no preparation needed, they are ready straight away. Semi-Buoyant Band'Ums The perfect shape 8mm dumbell bait designed for using with a bait band. Being semi buoyant means that the weight of the hook is counterbalanced so the bait rises up more easily into the fish's mouth. Soft Hooker pellets Sonubaits These pellets are designed for pole fishing, they are the perfect soft texture which fish find irresistible however not too soft or crumbly so they can withstand being shipped out, lifted and dropped and striking at fish. They are soft enough to be side hooked and yet they are easy to strike through. Sonubaits

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